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Tonal organizer for Smart accessories

This is not my original design. It is a modified version of a DIY YouTube video. “The homemade tale” YouTube channel deserves the credit for the concept. I am making it with their permission

3 week lead time as of 11/22/22

Orders placed after Dec 1 will not likely arrive before Christmas

Etsy Star seller = Excellent customer service

Hidden storage for “Tonal Accessories” that go with your Tonal

True 5.5” deep cabinet
Cabinet grade hardwood for painted cabinet

Some things to keep in mind when shopping for a storage device that will be displayed in your space.
1. Lumber quality - if you can see large prominent grain patterns, this is very low quality lumber and should be avoided. The thin veneer will begin to bubble after time with any change in humidity. It is meant to go below hardwood flooring and never be seen.

2. Finish quality - if a finish is brushed or sprayed on with a rattle spray can, this is not a quality finish.

3. Hanging mechanism - a solid, sturdy solution for this is a wooden French cleat.

This cabinet was designed to hide the accessories and/or keep them safe from children when not in use.

20” wide
48” tall
5.5” deep

4 flush mount “Smart Accessory” Connectors are mounted in the top

Popular colors are
Black (matte or gloss)
Dark walnut
Light oak

Shipping to islands or non-Continental US territories. Please contact me for a quote

We can do any color, these are simply the most popular

We are not associated with any smart /connected gym equipment manufacturer. We simply design and build high end storage solutions for you.