Exercise room organizer shelving with hooks for shoes and boxing gloves

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Smart gym - Connected Fitness organizer for shoes and Smart Gym accessories

Commonly asked questions-

This is not a stocked item / they are made to order.

3 week lead time as of 11/22/22

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I won’t expedite as this cuts into my current customers lead time.

The black shown in the main cover picture is “Matte” black.


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Creator note *** Original design is something that I’m very passionate about because I’ve worked hard for it. We stay on trend but we don’t copy. We strive to bring you original designs that offer a solution that is not only helpful but well made and that only comes with the genuine passion for what we do. With all that said, please support original artists/designers— this is the original creation for this application and any seller of this design outside this shop is not the creator ***

Wall shelf with 4 hooks for 1 pair of exercise bike shoes and 1 pair of boxing gloves / wrist wraps.

The 4 Hooks Shelf is
28” wide
28” tall

True 4” deep cabinet
Cabinet grade edge banded plywood for painted shelves
Edge glued & sanded finish grade oak strips for stained shelves — Not plywood sub-flooring

Some things to keep in mind when shopping for a storage device that will be displayed in your space.
1. Lumber quality - if you can see prominent grain patterns, this is very low quality lumber and should be avoided. The thin veneer will begin to bubble after time with any change in humidity. It is meant to go below hardwood flooring and never be seen.

2. Finish quality - if a finish is brushed or sprayed on with a rattle spray can, this is not a quality finish.

3. Hanging mechanism - a solid, sturdy solution for this is a wooden French cleat.

4. Cheap is not good, good is not cheap

All wood is from responsible harvesters/mills who plant trees for each one they harvest.

Colors available in the menu are simply our best sellers. If you want a custom color, let me know and I’ll make it happen.
The finish on our shelves is non-yellowing pre-catalyzed lacquer. They are a very fine / durable finish, the same as kitchen cabinets.
This is not a rattle can spray paint finish or brushed on paint.

You will find included with the shelf a french cleat hanger and more than enough necessary screws / anchors. The shoes or accessories are not included.

If you have an idea about something you want, let’s chat about it. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to make it a reality!

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